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Himachal Live Web Portal main motives are as follows:-
Information : We are committed to provide full information about Himachal Pradesh , If any one want to add any information which he think is beneficial for other he can just send us those data, we will convert it to information. Our target is to add every village details to this web portal. This is possible only when every one want to explore our
culture and demography.
Knowledge : One simple quote is “When you share some Information which become Knowledge for other”. Shortly we will add special section to share knowledge related to Himachal Pradesh, General Knowledge, Quiz, Competitive Exams Help, Technical Knowledge and etc.
Entertainment : Along with Information and Knowledge we also provide entertainment.
Help : Its my dream to help everyone and all those needy people who really needs help, help is not the word only for financial help, it is a way by which you provide free of cost, mankind and humanity service which ultimately result in a goodwill of someone. Shortly we provide following help line service 1. Health Related Help 2. Educational
Help 3. Employment Help 4. consultation Help 5. Technical Help.
Awareness : Awareness towards Technology, Career, Social reform, Uplift-meant and etc.